Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moti Mahal continues a family tradition, returns to Royal Oak

Joe Ullah continues a family tradition. This past February, Ullah re-opened the Moti Mahal Restaurant in downtown Royal Oak.

His father ran the original Moti Mahal on Main Street. Many area diners first learned about Indian cuisine from his family's restaurant.  For the past several years, the Ullah family was out of the restaurant business.  Friends and customers constantly suggested they re-open.

Ullah decided to take a risk.  He found a location on South Washington Ave., not too far from the original. He asked his father to return, manage the kitchen and bring back many of the dishes locals love.

Since he's opened, the response has been overwhelming. Old friends and newcomers are discovering Moti Mahal. Joe Ullah is thankful he took a chance and re-opened. Loyal diners are grateful as well. 

Moti Mahal is at 411 S. Washington Ave., just South of 4th Street in Royal Oak. 

-- Dean La Douceur

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