Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hyper-sensitive Customers Demand Superlative Customer Services

A bi-product of the down economy is ‘a hyper-sensitive customer’ who has unrealistic expectations about how they deserve to be treated, says customer service guru Lori Jo Vest.

The Troy resident  and co-author of Who’s Your Gladys? says shoppers today are time and money poor, feels guilty about spending, are less loyal then before and believes that retailers are privileged to have them in their stores.

Vest cites a recent survey from Great Britain, where three out of four respondents said they would walk out of a store if they experienced bad service from retailer.

“When times are tough and customer dollars are scarce, it’s companies with exceptional customer service that weather the storms,” advises Vest. She feels that no matter what else your company does, “Ramp up your customer service to the highest possible level.”

Lori Jo Vest and Marilyn Suttle are the co-authors of Who’s Your Gladys? - For more ideas about superlative customer service, including how to purchase their book,

-- Dean La Douceur

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