Monday, June 14, 2010

The Primacy Club brings members the good life for less.

Ken Peterson feels there is a better way to experience the good life and not spend lavishly to enjoy it.

As founder of The Primacy Club, group members have access to yachts, luxury motor coaches, touring motorcycles and premium sports cars. "We're offering people an opportunity to enjoy all the major toys, with 75% off the on their cost and none of the upkeep or maintenance," said Peterson.

Through their Shared Equity Lease program, The Primacy Club members have a three year access to their choice of these premium leisure time assets. Peterson has partnered with leading retailers to deliver new, well maintained premium products for his members. Members see a return of their share of the asset‘s residual value once the lease term is over.  Prospective members are required to submit an application fee and submit to a background investigation.

For further information, go to or call (888) 842-8280.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Third Thursday Invites Everyone To Come Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago this June, fifteen friends joined Dean La Douceur for lunch and a chance to network about their businesses. This monthly meet up has grown in to The Third Thursday Round Table, one of the most popular open business networking events in Southeast Michigan.

Everyone is invited to attend a fifth anniversary celebration of The Third Thursday Round Table; to be held on Thursday June 17th from 11:30 to 1:30 pm at Shields Restaurant 1476 Maple Road in Troy.

Dean, host and President of Rochester Hills based Round Table Promotions and Publicity, will mark the occasion by sharing six marketing, promotions and publicity strategies he has learned from hosting his event which business professionals can use right now. Special guest local singer/songwriter and musician Laura Jean will also perform.

Bonnie Caprara wrote an outstanding article about this event in January 2010 for The Oakland Press:

Event admission is only $10, plus one’s own meal, beverage, and gratuity ordered off Shield's lunch menu.  Limited Seating Is Available - Reserve your seat by purchasing room admissions in advance at or call 248-383-5793 for more information.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Important Is Clean To Your Company?

Are business owners seeing cleaning and janitorial services as a luxury more than a necessity?  One casualty of the current economic downturn appears to be commercial and office cleaning services.

One retail service provider I know requires their staff to specifically clean for the last 15-20 minutes of each shift. Management has used the promise hiring of an outside cleaning crew as a carrot in front of their staff to achieve certain marketing and performance goals.

I was recently introduced to CoverAll, which promotes itself as a Health-Based Cleaning Service. In addition to providing clean and attractive facilities, CoverAll prides itself on eliminating the germs and contamination that can be a underlying cause of  illness.  Their mission is to provide a combination of national research and resources with local ownership to carry out the cleaning.

CoverAll’s Northville service center serves our area.  For information on how to use their services, how to become a franchisee or if you are an existing cleaning company looking to sell them your book of business, go to or call 248-349-4505.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Your Legal Resource makes valuable legal connections.

Lori Williams describes herself as "A connector at heart."

Williams is a twenty-year attorney and owner of Your Legal Resource, PLLC, a legal referral and legal consulting business.  For the past six years, the Southfield resident has connected individuals and small businesses in need of legal advice and representation with the right lawyer.

Too many people trust a well meant referral from a friend or colleague, often with mixed results. Williams matches the attorney’s years of practice, personality, affordability and location with each client’s needs. Her teams of attorneys cover all areas of specialty throughout Metro Detroit.

Williams also helps solo and small firm attorneys start and grow their practices.  Her services include branding and marketing, mastering networking, and creating strategic relationships to generate clients and revenue. From her experiences as a practicing attorney, Williams knows that “Working on the business while working in the business is often a challenge for attorneys.”

When looking for the right legal referral, Lori Williams is the right resource to call.  For more information, visit or call 248-594-4470.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Signature Chiropractic Delivers Signature Health Care

 Every industry has a trusted professional to whom his peers refer 'the tough cases.' In the health care industry, this is Dr. Michael A. Lorente, D.C.

As Director of Signature Chiropractic in Clawson, his patient roster includes everyone from professional athletes and celebrities to families simply looking to feel better. 

His pragmatic approach to health care is one reason why, "We often do in seven to ten visits what many others may require twenty to twenty five to achieve."  Lorente uses a diagnostic method called ACCU-CK 2000 (said Accu-Check), which reads each body dynamically. He feels assessing how his patient is actually responding at that moment is crucial to finding the best methods of treatment. 

Lorente also advocates a whole system approach to total body wellness, including proper nutrition. He recommends using the Herbal Tracer Guide, which is a simple non-invasive test to determine an individual's correct nutritional needs and the right amounts of herbs and vitamins to achieve this.  

Signature Chiropractic is at 909 West Maple Road, Clawson.. For more information, call 248-288-3280 or

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"It started with one house and a lot of fear." says Real Estate Investor Fassett

To hear Dennis Fassett explain how he started as a real estate investor, "It started with one house and a lot of fear."

Back in 2004, Fassett was a director with a local automotive supplier and on his way to being a V.P.  "I thought I had it made," he explains,  "In 2003 we put a large addition on our home and took in my terminally ill mother. Then in 2004, the automotive industry tanked and threatened to take me down the drain."

"I decided to take action and start building a safety net for my family. I looked at everything.  After much searching, the only thing that I found that would allow me to leverage my time and make the money that I needed to was residential real estate, and in particular rental houses."

His problem was that Fassett knew less than nothing about real estate. "There was a lot of blah blah blah about learning the business," the Franklin resident recalls, "and of course all the people that told me I was nuts to be buying real estate as it was crashing."

Today, Dennis tells a very different story. "My real estate portfolio has done nicely," he says,  "including 11 single family houses and a 20 unit apartment building."  But Fassett isn't content to stay put,  "I just closed on a 23 unit apartment building in the City of Detroit last Friday that I put together a partnership to buy, and just had an offer accepted on a 57 unit that I'm also putting together a partnership to buy."

Dennis Fassett’s little safety net business has grown to the point that when he closes on the 57 unit property, "We'll be taking in nearly three quarters of a million dollars in revenue annually." The best news is that from the month that he rented the first house back in May of 2006, Fassett has never had a single month that wasn't cash flow positive,  " ...and I still have the first dollar that I made from the first rent payment my first tenant paid."

For more about Dennis Fasset, or call 248-971-0764.