Sunday, April 18, 2010

Make smart choices about Smart Phones

The constant wave of new smart phones makes choosing the right one for your business use a real challenge.

Dave Peckens, of, recommends that your choice may come down to access to a variety of applications verses your need for a sturdy, secure messaging tool. 

BlackBerry phones are a secure messaging tool featuring a QWERTY keyboard and proven levels of encription. Smart phones like the iPhone and Google Android have an abundance of application options and touch screens.These keep a balance between them serving as an entertainment device and a messaging tool.

"How you plan to use your phone is the key," advises Peckens,  "BlackBerry's are a business die hard since 1995. iPhones and Android products are now in their second generation."  He advises always working with a professional with whom you feel confident. "If he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, chances are he might not." 

Dave Peckens is founder and Chief BlackBerry-ologist of He can be reached at 248-875-8599. 

-- Dean La Douceur

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