Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Failure To Plan Your Marketing Is A Sure Plan For Failure

While most small business owners have great product knowledge and a drive to succeed,  many will fail due to their lack of an effective business marketing plan.  

"How do you know if you are achieving your goals if you don't know how to monitor and measure them?" says Sandy Barris, President of Business Marketing Services of Bloomfield Hills, "Your marketing plan is the tool that keeps you sales and marketing activity on track."

Some business owners visualize heavily detailed marketing plans about the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Barris disagrees, "An highly effective marketing plan can be just a page or two."

For those needing help with ideas, strategy and tactics, Barris has devised an online marketing plan developer. develops specific plans for all types of businesses, including direct emails on how to effectively implement your ideas.

For more details, go to or call Sandy Barris at (248) 335-8766  

-- Dean La Douceur

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