Friday, June 4, 2010

Signature Chiropractic Delivers Signature Health Care

 Every industry has a trusted professional to whom his peers refer 'the tough cases.' In the health care industry, this is Dr. Michael A. Lorente, D.C.

As Director of Signature Chiropractic in Clawson, his patient roster includes everyone from professional athletes and celebrities to families simply looking to feel better. 

His pragmatic approach to health care is one reason why, "We often do in seven to ten visits what many others may require twenty to twenty five to achieve."  Lorente uses a diagnostic method called ACCU-CK 2000 (said Accu-Check), which reads each body dynamically. He feels assessing how his patient is actually responding at that moment is crucial to finding the best methods of treatment. 

Lorente also advocates a whole system approach to total body wellness, including proper nutrition. He recommends using the Herbal Tracer Guide, which is a simple non-invasive test to determine an individual's correct nutritional needs and the right amounts of herbs and vitamins to achieve this.  

Signature Chiropractic is at 909 West Maple Road, Clawson.. For more information, call 248-288-3280 or

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