Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Important Is Clean To Your Company?

Are business owners seeing cleaning and janitorial services as a luxury more than a necessity?  One casualty of the current economic downturn appears to be commercial and office cleaning services.

One retail service provider I know requires their staff to specifically clean for the last 15-20 minutes of each shift. Management has used the promise hiring of an outside cleaning crew as a carrot in front of their staff to achieve certain marketing and performance goals.

I was recently introduced to CoverAll, which promotes itself as a Health-Based Cleaning Service. In addition to providing clean and attractive facilities, CoverAll prides itself on eliminating the germs and contamination that can be a underlying cause of  illness.  Their mission is to provide a combination of national research and resources with local ownership to carry out the cleaning.

CoverAll’s Northville service center serves our area.  For information on how to use their services, how to become a franchisee or if you are an existing cleaning company looking to sell them your book of business, go to or call 248-349-4505.

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